ETF 2012 Toronto



Pat Bolland
Senior Counsel, Veritas Communications

Randy Ambrosie
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Accretive


Barry Gordon
President and Chief Executive Officer,
XTF Capital
and First Asset

Dr.Lisa Kramer
Expert in
Finance & Neuroeconomics

Robert Johnson
Director of Economic Analysis, Morningstar

Amelia Nedovich
Head, Business Development,
ETFs & Structured Products, Toronto Stock Exchange


2012 marks the year of our 3rd annual Exchange Traded Forum. Looking back, 2011 was a year of tremendous growth for the Canadian Exchange Traded Funds industry with assets up 13% to $42.3B and the number of products in Canada increasing from 157 in 2010 to 227. This growth is significant and is expected to continue. The number of ETF providers doubled with the addition of XTF Capital, PowerShares, RBC and Vanguard joining the list.


What's in store for ETFs in 2012? We believe we will see continued growth in this rapidly expanding sector. However, in order to attract new assets the providers will need to launch new cost effective, innovative products. These products will be more sophisticated in both structure and sector allocation.

To this end there will be increased regulatory focus and plenty of media exposure, both good and bad. The need for education and understanding in all types of exchange traded products is now more necessary than ever.

In response to this need, Exchange Traded Forum 2012 will divide our delegates into two tracks for part of the event. We want to assist those who are just beginning to incorporate ETFs into their practice by addressing ETF Fundamentals and core risks; we will also further the education of the more advanced ETF users.

We will also be adding many new sessions to address some of the key issues. A session called “In the News” will be a frank discussion from top ranked industry professionals to shed additional light on the media noise and also give their outlook for the future of ETFs in Canada.

We really hope you can join us as you continue to strive for excellence in your business.



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